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From Biscaye back to Baltic

It was with a heavy heart that I made the decision back in the summer not to take the ship across the Bay of Biscay and on to Spain and Portugal to spend the winter there, but to bring it back to the Baltic Sea. It just turns out that for family reasons there are only a few weeks a year to be on the boat. Getting on a plane every time to sail in the most beautiful areas of Europe cannot compensate for the long weeks in which the ship is moored in expensive harbours and cannot be reached at all. It’s better to have the boat close by and maximise the time budget in summer to make the longest possible trips to beautiful and accessible areas. So the plan is to bring the boat back to the Baltic Sea from 8 September. I have to return home for a week on 28 September. Let’s see how far I can get by then. I have another week from 5 October to complete the transfer.

Find here my report.


The plan was to sail the ship from the Baltic Sea to Galicia in the spring and then spend 5 – 6 weeks on holiday there the following summer and then continue to see.

The idea was to start from the Baltic Sea at the end of March, first go to Cuxhaven and keep the start of the actual journey flexible in order to wait for a suitable weather window (stationary high over England or Scandinavia) and then go through to the destination in Galicia in one go if possible. The disadvantage of this flexible approach is, of course, that it is so easy to find no one who is willing and able to plan just as flexibly as a crew member. So it should mainly be a single-handed trip.

The available time budget for the trip from Cuxhaven was 2 weeks. To say it in advance: this and other resources were of course not enough to make it across the Bay of Biscay to Galicia. But in view of the beauty of what we experienced, that is not a pity. I see the experience as “taking the measure” in the best sense of the word. Find here my report: