In summer we often lie “Roman Catholic” with the stern to the pier or bridge, if it fits halfway. Stepping over presented us with certain challenges due to the negative transom. To remedy this, we built a simple gangway that is halfway respectable, easy to handle and allows comfortable stepping over.

The basis is a simple 2.40 m long aluminium ladder from the DIY store. On one side of the rungs I screwed 10 mm thick plastic planks – also from the DIY store. At the upper and lower ends I inserted 12 mm threaded rods between the rails and put simple wheels on the threaded ends. On the shore side, the gangway lies on the wheels and simply rolls freely back and forth according to the ship’s movements.

At the on-board end, I pushed a piece of 25 mm stainless steel pipe over the threaded rod and a rubber hose. Attached to this is a corresponding T-piece that takes a short piece of stainless steel pipe for the bracket.

This means that the gangway can be deployed in just a few steps after mooring and can also be retrieved before casting off.

Material requirements and costs are kept within reasonable limits:

MaterialPreis ca.
1 Aluminium Leiter ca. 2,50 m          40,00 €
1 Gewindestab 12 mm Edelstahl            6,00 €
1 Stück Gartenschlauch 
1 Edelstahl Rohr 25 mm          20,00 €
4 Stoppmuttern + U-Scheiben 12 mm Edelstahl            4,00 €
T-Verbinder für 25 mm Rohr Edelstahl          16,00 €
40 Senkkopfschrauben 5 x 20 Edelstahl            4,00 €
4 Rollen, Vollgummi oder Polyamid          20,00 €
4 x 2m PVC Fußleisten für den Aussenbereich          24,00 €
 Summe:       134,00 €